Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra

Department of Sociology,
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093
E-mail: jpardoguerra@ucsd.edu
Website: http://www.pardoguerra.org

1. Education

PhD     Science and Technology Studies, University of Edinburgh. 2010

MSc     Science in Technology Studies, University of Edinburgh. 2006

BSc Physics. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. 2005

 2. Academic Appointments

2021- Associate Director
Latin American Studies, University of California, San Diego

2020- Associate Professor
Department of Sociology, University of California, San Diego

2015-2020  Assistant Professor,
Department of Sociology, University of California, San Diego

2016- Honorary Fellow,
School of Social & Political Science, University of Edinburgh

2015- Research Associate,
Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation, London School of Economics

2014-2015  Visiting Researcher – NUCEC,
Museu Nacional, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

2010-2015  Lecturer in Sociology (Assistant Professor),
Department of Sociology, London School of Economics

2009-2010       Seasonal Lecturer,
School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

2004-2005       Researcher, Programa de Ciencia y Tecnologia, El Colegio de Mexico.

3. Teaching

Graduate:       UCSD: Theories/Practice of Big Data; Social Research Methods. LSE: Economic Sociology; Sociology of Markets; Risk Regulation and Economic Life; Risk Governance: a Sociological Approach; Technology, Power and Knowledge. Edinburgh: Understanding Technology

Undergrad:     UCSD: Economy & Society; Data & Society. LSE: Social Research Methods; Sociological Project. Edinburgh: Doing Survey Research; Science and Society 1b: Nature and the Environment.

4. Grants

2014-2015      Bolsa de Pesquisador Visitante, Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

2012-2017       Evaluation Practices in Financial Markets. European Research Council (with D. MacKenzie [PI], I. Hardie, J. Clunie and A. Preda; €2,175,000).

2012-13         Technological Change in Modern finance. STICERD (£1,975).

2005-2006    Scholarship. Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Technologia (£50,000).

5. Publications

5.1 Books

2023/24 The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Machine Learning (Co-Editor, Oxford University Press)

2022 The Quantified Scholar: How Research Evaluations Transformed the British Social Sciences (Columbia University Press)

2019       Automating Finance: Infrastructures, Engineers, and the Making of Electronic Markets (Cambridge University Press)

5.2 Articles

2023 ‘The extended computational case method: a framework for research design’ Sociological Methods and Research (w/ P. Pahwa)

2020 ‘Where are the market devices? Exploring the links between regulation, markets, and technology at the Securities and Exchange Commission, 1935-2010′ Theory and Society 49, 245–276

2019 ‘Cultures of care? Animals and science in Britain‘ (w/C. Friese & N. Nuyts) British Journal of Sociology

2017 ‘Mercados como espelhoTempo Social 29(1): 150-164

2014 ‘Insurgent Capitalism: Insurgent capitalism: Island, bricolage and the re-making of finance’ Economy & Society (w/ D. MacKenzie) 43(2): 153-182.

2013  ‘Priceless Calculations: Reappraising the Sociotechnical Appendages of Art’ European Societies 15(2): 196-211

2012 ‘Drilling Through the Allegheny Mountains: Liquidity, Materiality and High Frequency Trading’ Journal of Cultural Economy 5(3): 279-296 (w/ D. MacKenzie, D. Beunza and Y. Millo).

2011 ‘How Much for the Michelangelo? Calculation, Commoditization and Finitism in the Secondary Art Market’ Cultural Sociology 5(2): 207-223

2011 ‘Mapping Emergence Across the Atlantic: Some (Tentative) Lessons on Nanotechnology in Latin America’ Technology in Society 33(1-2): 94-108

2010 ‘Creating Flows of Interpersonal Bits: the Automation of the London Stock Exchange, c. 1955-1990’ Economy & Society 38(1): 84-109

2010 ‘Market Efficiency and Learning in an Artificial Stock Market: a Perspective from Neo-Austrian Economics’ Journal of Empirical Finance 17(4): 668-688

2005 ‘Nanotechnology and the International Regime on Chemical and Biological Weapons’ Nanotechnology, Law & Business, 2(55)

5.3 Book chapters

2019. ‘What is a ‘Real’ Transaction? Infrastructures, Relations, and Spoofing in High-Frequency Trading’ in Neiburg, F. and Guyer, J. The Real Economy: Essays in Ethnographic Theory. HAU/University of Chicago Press

2019 ‘Inventing the Future through Money—Images of Monetization in Nineteenth-Century American Patents’ in Dodd, N. and Neiburg, F. A Cultural History of Money vol. 5. Bloombury

2013 ‘Trillions Out of Ones and Zeros: the Sociology of Finance Encounters the Digital Age’ in Orton-Johnson, K and Prior, N (eds.) Digital Sociology: Critical Perspectives Palgrave: Basingstoke

2012 ‘Financial Automation: Past, Present and Future’ in Knorr, K and Preda, A (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Finance Oxford University Press: Oxford, pp. 567-586

2010 ‘The Automated House: the Digitalization of the London Stock Exchange, 1955-1986’ in Batiz-Lazo, B., Maixe-Altes, JC. and Thomes, P. (eds.) Technological Innovation in Retail Finance : International Historical Perspectives, Routledge: London, pp. 197-220

2004 ‘Adaptation in the Presence of Exogenous Information in an Artificial Financial Market’ in Third Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Springer-Verlag: Berlin (w/ JL. Gordillo, and C. Stephens) 

5.4 Reports

2012 ‘Structured Interviews with Computer-Based Traders’ Foresight Project on the Future of Computer-Based Trading in Finance UK government Office for Science (w/ D. Beunza and Y. Millo).

2010 ‘Impersonal Efficiency and the Dangers of a Fully Automated Securities Exchange’ Foresight Project on the Future of Computer-Based Trading in Finance UK Government Office for Science (w/ D. Beunza, Y. Millo and D. MacKenzie).

5.5 Book Reviews

2012 ‘Orderly Fashion: a Sociology of Markets – by P. Aspers’ Contemporary Sociology 44(4): 429-431

2007 ‘Out of the Pits: Traders and Technology from Chicago to London – by C. Zaloom’ British Journal of Sociology 58(4): 737-738.

5.6 Commentary

2013 ‘Will the Real Engineers Please Stand Up?‘ Socializing Finance

2012 ‘The Roots of Risks in Automated Financial Markets’ Risk & Regulation – CARR (Summer 2012; w/ D. Beunza, Y. Millo, D. MacKenzie)

2011 ‘Risk and the Machinery of the Market’ Risk & Regulation – CARR (Winter 2011)

2005 ‘La Metafisica de lo Complejo’ Ciencias 79(July-September): 18-24

2004 ‘When Social Physics Becomes a Social Problem: Economics, Ethics and the New Order’ Post-Autistic Economic Review

2004 ‘Neutrality is Over-rated’ Post-Autistic Economics Review

6. Professional Activities

6.1 Selected Presentations

2015 ‘Mercados, infraestruturas e relações’, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil.

2015 ‘Infrastructures and the Obduracy of Bureaucracy’, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

2015 ‘Financial Subjecthoods and the Ethics of Order Protection’, ASA Annual Meeting, 2015, Political Economy: Rebooted, Chicago, USA.

2014 ‘The Sociology of Finance, 50 years on’ Edinburgh Sociology 50 Years of Engaging Sociology, University of Edinburgh, UK.

2014 ‘Synthetic Markets and the Design of Economic Institutions’ Workshop on Philosophy, Mathematics and Finance, La Sapienza, Rome, Italy

2013 ‘Making Markets: Engineers, Infrastructures and the Moral Technologies of Finance’ Sociology of Market Microstructure Workshop, New York Stock Exchange, USA.

2012 ‘Producing crises: how knowledge, technology and regulation create the foundations of market instability’ BSA Presidential Event: Understanding the financial crisis; sociology, political economy and heterodox economics London, UK.

2012 ‘Making Markets: Engineers, Infrastructures and the Moral Technologies of Finance’ Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2012 ‘Ordenando mercados: engenheiros, idéias e as tecnologias morais das finanças’, Programa de Pós-Graduação em Antropologia Social, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2010 ‘Going Global: Technological Elites and the Making of London’s Equity Markets, c. 1968-2000’, Finance in Question/Finance in Crisis, CRESC, Manchester, UK.

2009 ‘4000 Miles of Separation: Financial Economics Across the Atlantic, 1900-1970’ History of Recent Economics, Antwerp, Belgium.

2009 ‘Os mitos da informação nos mercados financeiros contemporâneos: uma historia crítica da digitalização da bolsa de valores de Londres, 1945-1990’ PESC-COPPE, Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

6.2 Professional Service

Sociological Theory (Editorial Board, 2014-)
Journal of Cultural Economy (Editorial Board 2015-)
Finance & Society (Editorial Board 2015-)
Sociologica (Advisory Board 2018-)

Ad-hoc reviewer for: American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, British Journal of Sociology, Economy and Society, European Journal of Sociology, Organization Studies, Revista Vibrant, Rationality and Society, Acta Sociologica, Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics & Econometrics, Science in Context, Palgrave, MIT Press, Socio-Economic Review, Security Studies, Journal of Cultural Economy.