Current projects

Leaned explores the adoption and implementation of novel budget models in US public higher education institutions over the past two decades. Combining quantitative and qualitative analyses, our group is exploring the ways budget models facilitated state divestments in public education, generated and shaped emerging pressures for institutional income, and transformed the relations between academics, managers, and students across distinctly racialized and gendered lines.  

Ivermexico is a short book that explores the role of science and public intellectuals in moments of political flux. Although centered on the case of Mexico, it offers critical insights for thinking about the role of scientific expertise in periods of political and societal reconfiguration, from times of transitions between parties in power to more general moments of regime change and political uncertainty.

Combining ethnographic and interview data, we are exploring the way data science teams navigate the ‘knowability’ of claims derived from machine learning models. By studying how data scientists frame, interpret, pack, and disseminate claims about the world resulting from their models, we hope to develop. a practical toolkit for communicating uncertainties in public debates.

Previous/PUBLISHED projects

Quantified Scholars

Financial markets

Where are the market devices? Exploring the links among regulation, markets, and technology at the Securities and Exchange Commission, 1935-2010 (Theory & Society)

What is a Real Transaction in High Frequency Trading? (The Real Economy: University of Chicago Press)

Inventing the Future through Money—Images of Monetization in Nineteenth-Century American Patents (A Cultural History of Money: Bloomsbury)

Mercados como espelho [Markets as mirrors – text in Portuguese] (Tempo Social)

Insurgent Capitalism: Island, bricolage and the re-making of finance (w. D. MacKenzie) (Economy & Society)

Drilling Through the Allegheny Mountains: Liquidity, Materiality and High Frequency Trading (w/ D. MacKenzie, D. Beunza and Y. Millo) (Journal of Cultural Economy)

Creating Flows of Interpersonal Bits: the automation of the London Stock Exchange, c. 1955-90 (Economy & Society)

The Automated House: the digitalization of the London Stock (Routledge) Exchange, 1955-1990

Art markets

How much for the Michelangelo? Valuation, Commoditization and Finitism in the Secondary Art Market (Cultural Sociology)

Priceless calculations: Reappraising the sociotechnical appendages of art (European Societies)

Financial Economics

Market efficiency and learning in an artificial stock market: A perspective from Neo-Austrian economics (Journal of Empirical Finance)

Adaptation in the Presence of Exogeneous Information in an Artificial Financial Market (MICAI Proceedings: Springer)

Scientific Cultures

Cultures of Care? Animals and Science in Britain (w/ C. Friese & N. Nuyts) (British Journal of Sociology)

High Frequency Trading

Structured interviews of computer-based traders (UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills)

Computer trading: impersonal efficiency and the dangers of a fully automated securities exchange (UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills)