Some papers on financial markets, culture and technology:

Mercados como espelho [Markets as mirrors – text in Portuguese]

Institutional logics, innovation, and the limits of financial regulation

 When is a transact ion ‘real’? The Infrastructural Moralities of Spoofing in High-Frequency Trading.

Making Markets: Infrastructures, Engineers and the Moral Technologies of Finance

The Politics of Fragmentation: Liberalism, Market Equality, and the Technological Re-configuration of American Finance (w/ D. MacKenzie)

Insurgent Capitalism: Island, bricolage and the re-making of finance (w. D. MacKenzie)

Drilling Through the Allegheny Mountains: Liquidity, Materiality and High Frequency Trading (w/ D. MacKenzie, D. Beunza and Y. Millo).

Creating Flows of Interpersonal Bits: the automation of the London Stock Exchange, c. 1955-90

The Automated House: the digitalization of the London Stock Exchange, 1955-1990

Some official reports I was involved with:

Structured interviews of computer-based traders

Computer trading: impersonal efficiency and the dangers of a fully automated securities exchange

Some work on art markets:

How much for the Michelangelo? Valuation, Commoditization and Finitism in the Secondary Art Market

Priceless calculations: Reappraising the sociotechnical appendages of art

Some work on market inefficiencies:

Market efficiency and learning in an artificial stock market: A perspective from Neo-Austrian economics

Adaptation in the Presence of Exogeneous Information in an Artificial Financial Market